Rabbit Serum Type II Hb 50mg%

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Rabbit Serum Type II (Normal)

Hemoglobin < 50 mg/dL
0.2 um Filtered
U.S. Origin

Rabbit Serum (Normal)
44235-100 100ml
44235-500 500ml

Normal Type II Rabbit Serum is a pooled preparation of serum collected in USDA abattoirs from a healthy population of rabbits inspected and found free of contagious or infectious diseases. Careful collection ensures hemoglobin levels are controlled at or below 50 mg/dL. Normal rabbit serum is primarily used as a blocking agent or negative control in immunoassays. The presence of endogenous antibodies has not been assayed.

Intended Use
For Laboratory or Research Use Only. Not intended for Diagnostic or Therapeutic Use.

Storage and Stability
Store frozen at -40°C to -10°C. Product is stable for 5 years from the date of manufacture if kept at frozen temperature. JRS recommends the product not undergo multiple freeze-thaw cycles, aliquots should be made. Turbidity or flocculent material may be observed upon thawing or prolonged storage at refrigerated temperatures. This is normal in most serum products and not detrimental to its performance.

Price per Unit (500mL): $85.00