WFI (U.S.P.) Grade Water

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WFI Grade Water

WFI has uses in cell and tissue culture media production, cleaning of laboratory glassware and containers, process validation and purification buffers. WFI Water is manufactured using a double pass, reverse osmosis deionization filtration process, and is tested in accordance with current USP standards. The water is 0.1 um sterile filtered directly from the circulation loop into its final container, eliminating the need to process through secondary holding tanks. This eliminates the need for tank cleaning validations and reduces the risk to the end user. WFI Water is packaged in a variety of sizes including Nalgene PET and PETG bottles and bulk liquid media transfer bags.

Intended Use

For laboratory use only. Not intended for Human or Therapeutic Use.

Storage and Stability

Store at ambient temperature.

Finished Product Specifications
Test Specification
Sterility (current USP) No Microbial or Fungal Growth Observed
Appearance Clear colorless Liquid
TOC (Total Organic Carbon) ≤ 500 ppb (parts per billion)
Mycoplasma Negative
Endotoxin < 0.25 EU/ml
Conductivity ≤ 1.3 μS/cm


Price per Unit (1L): $24.00